Welcome to the product documentation for Linc Logistics Integration, an extension app built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, by Linc Communications (Pty) Ltd.

This extension contains modifications to the standard ProduceLinc solution to assist users with integration to third party container tracking applications/apis.


The main function of this integration is to create Shipments and Containers on third party container tracking systems, using information from Freigt Trip Legs and Containers in ProduceLinc. This then enables the tracking parties to send container tracking events into ProduceLinc (or for container tracking events to be pulled from third party apis) from which changes in container or trip leg related dates can then be detected and automatically updated to the related trip leg or container in ProduceLinc.


Some third party container tracking systems require conformation to various master data sets when submitting Shipmets and Containers. To conform to these values, translation has to be set up between the related ProduceLinc values and the specific third party system. For this, the Logistics Translations page is used.

Creating Shipments/Containers

The Run Logistics Integration report can be scheduled via a Job Queue Entry and this will create new shipments/containers from trip legs/containers that have not been created before, or previously had errors and needs to be resubmitted.

Updating Trip Legs/Containers

Trip Legs and Containers will have their dates updated from tracked container events whenever new tracking events are inserted (either by pulling from apis or by injenction from a third party api).