Welcome to the product documentation for Linc Purchase Accruals, an extension app built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, by Linc Communications (Pty) Ltd.

This extension contains modifications to the standard solution to enable posting of Purchase Accruals for G/L expensed purchases in Business Central.

See the technical documentation for more details.


To setup the functionality,

  • search for the Purchase Accrual Setup page. At minimum, switch on the “Post G/L Purchase Accruals” setting and specify a “Purchase Accruals Source Code” - see the tooltips on the fields for more information (or the technical documentation for the page).
  • specify the appropriate “G/L Accrual Acc. (Interim)” GL Accounts to post the accruals to per General Posting Setup in the standard Business Central General Posting Setup page.


As receipts are posted against purchase order lines of type G/L Account, the app will generate “Purchase Receipt Accrual Events” and post this through to the specified accrual accounts. When these posted receipt lines are eventually invoices, the “Purchase Receipt Accrual Events” are reversed and the corresponding reversals of the posted accruals are posted. If Batch Posting of G/L Purchase Accruals and reversals are selected in the “Purchase Accrual Setup”, the posting is delayed and can be executed by running the “Batch Process G/L Purch. Accruals” batch job (report object). This batch job can also be scheduled using the Job Queue.